‘Mind Grinder’ Aluminium Grinder 4-part


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The name of the 4-part grinder ‘MIND Grinder’ says it all because it offers everything the demanding user desires. High-quality but easy-care aluminium, absolutely smooth rotation (with nylon running ring), ergonomic shape and a large filling as well as pollen chamber with rounded corners, so that no valuable plant remains get lost in the edges. Thanks to first-class workmanship, no plant residues are set so that the grinder can easily be turned back and forth even after numerous uses.

The sharp diamond-ground teeth reliably shred even harder substances. The highlight are the two perforated discs of the grinder: If you want very finely ground herbs, eg. for the use in a vaporizer, use the disc with the small holes. Can it be a bit coarser for smoking in a pipe or sports cigarette, the connoisseur takes the disc with the larger holes. The pollen screen can also be taken out for perfect cleaning. The individual parts of the ‘MIND Grinder’ which is redesigned from top to toe are held together by a strong magnet. The compact milling wonder is delivered in a presentable round box.

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