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Please note that the LSD and Ecstasy test has very little reagent in the ampoule and needs this amount to work properly. Thank you!

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LSD Test

Synthesis of LSD is very difficult and requires the use of toxic, carcinogenic and explosive substances. Because of this, LSD is often cut with similar substances like DOB and DOI. These adulterants can have similar effects but are linked to a higher rate of negative side effects.

The LSD Test also detects indoles such as LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, 5-MeO-DIPT, Psilocybin, Psilocin, AMT, and others. This will NOT detect dangerous substances like: 25B-NBOME, 24I-NBOME, DOB and DOI. A no brainer to give your sample a quick test before trusting your life to it.

LSD Test Kit

Compare the coloured result with the colour chart provided. A positive result does not make the sample safe as some adulterants are not tested in this convenient kit. Stay safe, stay aware.

Testing liquid LSD which is more concentrated will have a faster and brighter result compared to blotters. LSD blotters will take slightly longer, a few minutes to change in colour if the sample tests positive. Please use the spatula to mix the blotter in the ampoule for better results. The ampoule reagents will change colour if LSD is present.


LSD Test Kit Instructions:

1. Measure a small crushed sample (half blotter or 2 drops) you want to test.
2. Open the ampoule and put the sample into the ampoule.
3. Shake the ampoule gently for the sample to be mixed with the contents of the
4. Observe and compare the colour with the provided colour chart.
For best results crush sample to pieces.
Mix and stir. Wait 10 minutes.

Test Kit Logic recommends avoiding the use of recreational drugs. No drug is safe.

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