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A fast and simple test to determine the presence of methamphetamine and ecstasy.


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Please note that the LSD and Ecstasy test has very little reagent in the ampoule and needs this amount to work properly. Thank you!

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Ecstasy Test

Originally developed for officers, this fast and simple test will determine the presence of not only ecstasy and amphetamine but also 2C-B/C/I, methylone/butylone and DXM. This method supplies people with information to make informed decisions about their sample. It requires only a small amount (2mm in diameter) for a result to appear.

Ecstasy is the most commonly found drug at music festivals after alcohol. Suppliers sometimes add less expensive ingredients to products to increase profit margins. Most of these contaminants are harmless, but some can be dangerous. Side effects of dangerous adulterants can cause paranoia, organ damage and even death. A no brainer to give your sample a quick test before trusting your life to it.

This test also detects an array of other substances such as amphetamines, 2C-B/C/I, Methylone, Butylone and DXM. A positive result for ecstasy or methamphetamine does not make the sample safe as some adulterants are not tested in this convenient kit. To find out the purity of MDMA please use the MDMA Purity Test.

ecstasy test kit
Compare the coloured result with the colour chart provided. A positive result does not make the sample safe as some adulterants are not tested in this convenient kit.

2C-B is a synthetic substance in the stimulant, hallucinogen, empathogen and psychedelic category. Although it has comparisons to LSD and MDMA it is not the same. It has been widely used as an aphrodisiac, entheogen and ecstasy adulterant, however since the mid-1990s, it has been made illegal in most countries. 2C-B is commonly found in tablet or powder form.

DXM (dextromethorphan) is an over the counter cough suppressant found in many cough syrups. In high doses, it acts as a dissociative anesthetic and has similar effects to alcohol on the body. It can also produce visual and audio hallucinations and nausea.

Methylone (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone, MDMC) is a stimulant psychoactive and empathogen drug. it has a chemical structure which is nearly identical to MDMA. It has just one more atom, but this makes it a completely different drug.

Ecstasy Test Kit Instructions:

1. Measure a small sample (2 millimetres in diameter) you want to test in a powder form.
2. Open the ampoule and put the sample into the ampoule.
3. Shake the ampoule gently for the sample to be mixed with the contents of the ampoule.
4. Observe and compare the colour with the provided colour chart.
For best results crush sample before applying.

Test Kit Logic recommends avoiding the use of recreational drugs. No drug is safe.

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