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A fast and simple test to determine the purity of cocaine.


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Cocaine Purity Test

Originally developed for officers to determine whether they are dealing with the top of the supply chain or a lower level dealer, this test will allow people and agencies to determine the purity of the cocaine they come across. We recommend using this after having established cocaine with our Cocaine & Crack Cocaine Test.

To the bottom right you will find the colour chart included in each test kit. With this chart you will be able to estimate the purity of cocaine. Suppliers often cut their product with dangerous adulterants to increase profit margins. Every time heroin is handed down the supply chain it gets less and less pure. Generally, the higher the content of cocaine present in the sample, the lower the chances of finding adulterants in the sample. With this test people and agencies can quickly determine the purity of the cocaine they come across. Based on the results of this test they can determine if they are dealing with a dealer at the top of the supply chain or if they are dealing with a low level dealer. All of this without having to wait for a laboratory analysis.

Cocaine Purity Test 1 Cocaine Purity Test 2

For the Cocaine Purity Test always observe the bottom layer. Please refer to the top right ampoule coloured result.
– The first ampoule is rated 1 star. It has almost little to no cocaine in it. It is given a 10% purity rating.
– The second ampoule is rated 2 to 3 stars and has a 50% purity rating. Common rating found on the street.
– The third ampoule is rated 3 to 4 stars and has a 60% purity rating.
– The fourth ampoule is rated 4 stars and has a 70% purity rating.
– The last ampoule where the bottom layer is similar to coffee is rated 5 stars with a 90% purity rating.

Cocaine Purity Test Instructions:

1. Weigh 20 milligrams of the sample you want to test in a powder form.
2. Open the ampoule and put the sample into the ampoule.
3. Open and add the CP buffer tube to the ampoule.
4. Shake the ampoule gently for the sample to be mixed with the contents of the ampoule.
5. For best results, wait 15-30 minutes and then observe and compare the bottom layer with the provided colour chart.
Don’t forget to add the CP buffer tube.
Compare the bottom layer.
For best results use 20 mg (0.020g). If you do not have a scale please refer to the instructional booklet.

Test Kit Logic recommends avoiding the use of recreational drugs. No drug is safe.


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