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A fast and simple test to determine the presence of THC in cannabis.


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Cannabis Test

A fast and simple test to determine the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis. This test is a presumptive identification for the active ingredient of cannabis, marijuana, hashish and hash oil (THC). This test will detect THC in leaves, stems, buds and oils. Until industry standards are implemented, it is worth testing your sample. This reduces the chances of consuming unknown substances.

Cannabis Test Kit

If the sample turns red similar to the colour chart this will be a positive test for THC. However, this does not make the sample safe as some adulterants are not tested in this convenient kit. Stay safe, stay aware.

Cannabis Test Kit Instructions:

1. Open the ampoule and insert the little ball found in the cap.
2. Measure a small sample (2 millimetres in diameter) and put into the ampoule.
3. Shake the ampoule gently for the sample to be mixed with the contents of the ampoule.
4. Observe and compare the colour with the provided colour chart.
Add the little ball in the cap of the ampoule. This will not work without it.

Test Kit Logic recommends avoiding the use of recreational drugs. No drug is safe.

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