Blaze Glass ‘Mushroom’ Ice Bong


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The handcrafted water pipe ‘Mushroom’ of our premium brand ‘Blaze Glass’ fascinates with the decorative black and white mushroom in the pull tube. This also serves as a splash guard. The cool and handy bong made of best borosilicate glass has a wall thickness of 5mm.

The bowl has a passage of 8mm, the corresponding plug-in adapter has diffuser slots for smoke filtering and cooling. A robust round base ensures the necessary stability and the ice spikes keep the ice cubes safely above the mushroom. The silver ‘Blaze Glass’ logo is discreetly attached to the front. A kickhole completes this amazing glass bong which ensures a full hit with steam!

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Weight1.45 kg
Dimensions45 × 15 × 15 cm


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