‘Black Leaf’ ‘Hieroglyphs’ Flask


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Smoke like an Egyptian… And simply use ‘Hieroglyphs’ Bong from ‘Black Leaf’. Go. With the robust flask bong with hip hyroglyph design which looks especially cool at the base, you can be sure that your herbs and mixtures taste aromatically.

The diffuser adapter ensures heavy swirls so that the smoke is cooled and filtered. Due to that it is not so scratchy. The ice notches can hold ice cubes for further cooling.

The herb bowl has a lift-off handle, but there is also a kickhole which comes with a plug to keep it tight if you want to practise the lift-off method. Or to keep the water inside the bong during cleaning. Stable like a pyramid of Gizeh, the ice bong made of best borosilicate glass with wall thickness 7mm.

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