‘Black Leaf’ ‘Devil’s Own’ Icebong Glow Al.Adapter


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The bong of the devil, the ‘Devil’s Own’ belly bong of ‘Black Leaf’, is truly devilishly good. On the one hand, it is damn robust and hard to destroy with a wall thickness of hefty 7mm and a diffuser adapter and bowl made of aluminum. On the other hand, it has a hell of a good draft.

Smoke cooling and filtering is provided by the 4-part diffuser adapter, which is unscrewable and variable in assembly. Thus, you can change the length of the adapter and use it with many other bongs. If you do not like to smoke out of an aluminum bowl, you can, of course, replace the aluminum bowl with a matching glass bowl. To cool down the hellfire called smoke even more, the spacious ice chamber offers plenty of space for ice cubes.

And the design is as it should be for the devil extremely hot: the words ‘Devil’s Own’ look as if they are written with blood, and when the sandblasted devil’s face starts to glow in the dark, it is already a bit scary …

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