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THE GEAR – Ice Bong

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By popular demand, the ‘Gear’ ice bong is also available under the brand name ‘Black Leaf’, whereby the quality of the glass tube used and the workmanship is in the usual ‘BLAZE GLASS’ quality. Robust and heavy, it gives the cool glass pipe the most stable stand and a unique look. The latter is effectively accentuated by the iridescent, copper coloured glass with shimmering metallic effect and the hexagonal glass tube.

The impressive cylinder bong is equipped with a diffuser adapter and lift-off bowl for herbs, but has a kickhole, too. The kickhole can be closed tightly for lift-off fans and for easier cleaning with the included plug. As the thorns of the ice chamber sit very deeply, a lot of ice cubes fit in – for countless cool and unscratchy hits.

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